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 Philip M. Wesley II, Ph.D.

Shaping A New Start For Students and Educators!

Top Speaker for Schools - New Start Coach  -  Educational Consultant 
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Dr. Phil II

Specializing in coaching, creating content and consulting

Shaping A Student's New Start...

New Start Emotionally

Are your students dealing with stress from home and school and experiencing anxiety adjusting to the new normal?

New Start Academically

Are your students not realizing their potential and need to reset their view of themselves?

New Start On Purpose

Are your students drifting through life not understanding the power they possess to succeed?



“Phil Wesley is a highly engaging and “on point” speaker/coach. He has this amazing ability to not only connect with his audiences—specifically youth and young adult audiences but in such a way that they lean forward, hanging on his words, as they sense he gets their journey and has something life-changing to say about it. Phil Wesley is the real deal!”

Fredrick Russell


True North Leadership Group


Phil Wesley is a gifted teacher and speaker. Dr. Wesley’s mission is to help the faculty and staff find a way to restart their purpose. He is a caring and loving supporter and shares his journey with others on how to reshape their lives.

Paula Blackwell


Ramah Junior Academy


"I have known Philip for many years. I experienced first-hand his exceptional understanding of young people. He easily connected and communicated with them. Philip’s diverse educational background, coupled with his passion to see young people achieve their maximum potential, equips him perfectly for motivating and coaching today’s youth."

Astrid Thomassian

Lifetime Educator

Philip's 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher


Let’s Engage

I would love to hear from you on how we can help shape your student's new start! 


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