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Virtual or In-Person Presentations

Are you looking for a virtual motivation for your students? Well, look no further! Dr. Phil II and his team have created a studio equipped with lights, backdrops, and capabilities to give a POWERFUL and ENGAGING presentation. In addition to ZOOM, He has created capabilities to stream live on his YouTube channel. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve your school!

Parent Topics

  • Shaping Your New Start: Dr. Phil II is passionate about unleashing the potential in every parent regardless of where they are starting from. He believes that every young person has the potential and power to be successful if given the tools and the chance. His presentation will provide methods on how to start over. This is helpful especially for youth starting over in a new school, grade, teacher, home, or friendship.​

  • Raising a Scholar Beyond the Classroom: Dr. Phil II's presentation is a great way to help parents create opportunities to provide for their growing students. We present resources that will add value to your young scholar's learning experience.

  • Mental Health: Dr. Phil II provides parents with a professional mental health counselor and presents the value of self-care, safety for children, and how to manage stress. Dr. Phil II shares insight into developing practically skills in conflict resolution. Parents will benefit from this workshop. 

  • Entrepreneurship: Dr. Phil presents to parents how they can be entrepreneurs and partner with their children. Presentation includes ways to start with little to no capital, finding your purpose, crafting your dream, and creating a sustainable business. 

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