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Virtual or In- Person

Are you looking for a virtual motivation for your students? Well, look no further! Dr. Phil II and his team have created a studio equipped with lights, backdrops, and capabilities to give a POWERFUL and ENGAGING presentation. In addition to ZOOM, He has created capabilities to stream live on his YouTube channel. Contact us today and let us know how we can serve your school!

Teachers Topics

  • Shaping Your New Start: Dr. Phil II is passionate about unleashing the potential in every teacher regardless of where they are starting from. He believes that every teacher has the potential and power to be successful in leading students no matter the challenges. His presentation will provide methods on conflict resolution, SEL, building relationships with a young generation, time management. 

  • Social-Emotional Learning: Dr. Phil II is best at helping teachers develop concepts for each student. Dr. Phil II helps teachers through five core SEL competencies:

    • Self-Awareness

    • Self-Management

    • Social Awareness

    • Relationship Skills

    • Responsible Decision-Making

        Through this program, our teachers will grow and develop a new perspective on how to interact with each other and the challenges they face in life. 

  • Conflict Resolution: Dr. Phil II provides insight into resolving conflict. This presentation will reveal methods that will provide a safe resolution to the deescalating conflicting conversation before it leads to violence or death. Dr. Phil II will show how to manage cyber or face to face challenges in the everyday youth's life for teachers and leaders. 

  • Time Management: Dr. Phil II will show how teachers can manage personal time along with learning time in the classroom. He will provide ways to balance personal life with lesson plans, peace of mind, and administrative responsibilities.

  • Communication: Dr. Phil II believes everything communicates. He will show how to develop the best communication style for students, administration, and parents. He will provide methods of communication that will help each leader present their best message to their audience.  

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