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Dr. Phil 2


Former Assistant Superintendent, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father, Motivational Speaker and New Start Coach! 

My goal as a coach is to help students, teachers, and leaders shape their new start! I support those who desire to rebrand their purpose! 

Dr. Phil 2

I am passionate about unleashing the potential in every young person, regardless of where they are starting. I believe every young person has the potential and power to succeed if given the tools and the chance.


My message for youth and youth leaders: No matter what you are up against, you can make it.


Don't listen to anyone who tries to count you out. You can start from wherever you are. I am ready to add value to shaping your new start today.

Let's work together to make an impact to your students, teachers, or business team! Allow me to add value to your institution through topics: G.R.I.T. (Guts.Resilience.Inspiration.Tenacity), 6 Ways to Shape Your New Start, Raising Scholars Beyond the Classroom, Social and Emotional Learning, and more...

Let's Shape Your New Start Today!!!

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Dr. Phil II believes in the power of education! He has shaped in New Start through four different degrees. This gives him a different perspective to teach from. 

Atlantic Union College
Communication, BS                                    Religion, BA                                                         
Andrews University                                      Master of Divinity, MDiv                             
University of Montemorelos                  Doctor of Business Administration                                               

Finishing school is about completing different phases of your life. Welcome to the next level!  - Dr. Phil II


Kymone Hinds
Business Coach, Entreprenuer

"Philip Wesley is a natural motivator. Through his speaking and training, he makes you believe that you can succeed. I’ve seen the impact Dr. Wesley has had on youth across the nation. He inspires them to believe in themselves."

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